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Pain: September 2016

Riga, Prince, Pain and where we are going wrong.   In August I had an interesting and stimulating week  examining and lecturing at an international medical conference with  clinicians from 18 other  countries  in Riga, Latvia. I came back with several new clinical pearls to learn and apply over time.  I finally retired from an…

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February Blog 2012

 The Sunshine Tonic “What vitamin deficiency affects over half of the population, is almost never diagnosed, and has been linked to depression,  dementia, many cancers, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, chronic muscle pain, and bone loss? What vitamin is almost totally absent from our food supply? What…

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January Blog 2011

Happy New Year! I thought we might start the year off with the fashionable topic of nudging. Not the nudge, nudge wink, wink variety so exquisitely (and painfully!) displayed all those years ago by Erik Idle of Monty Python fame, but rather the way in which the government wants to change the way we think…

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