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Clive's treatments have been always amazing and have kept me going for many years in spite of my very long term Osteoarthritis.

I strongly recommend him and his team.

Review by PC March 2018


Helix House is open again!

We’re very pleased to announce that Helix House is open again!

The following practitioners are currently available for face-to-face appointments 

  • Susan Farwell, Osteopath
  • Jen Mills, Osteopath
  • Finn Thomas, Osteopath
  • Zoe Bicat, Traditional Chinese Injury Rehabilitation Therapist

Please call 01865 243351, if you would like to book an appointment.

We're also very happy to announce that Clive Lindley-Jones (Osteopath), will be returning to face-to-face appointments on Monday 5th October.  He is currently taking bookings, so if you would like to book an appointment with him, please call 01865 243351.

If your usual practitioner is Yan-Chee Yu, he can be contacted directly on 07813 124662 or to discuss treatment options. 

What to expect

Like almost every clinic in the country, we have made changes in line with government and professional guidelines so that we can offer treatment whilst making every effort to keep you safe and secure, including:

  • limiting the use of Helix House to one treatment room only
  • taking all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing in the clinic’s public areas
  • practitioners wearing PPE
  • offering facemasks to every patient
  • disinfecting all surfaces and equipment between every patient
  • disinfecting the floors of the clinic between every patient
  • taking payment via BACS or other non-cash methods

Your practitioner will also be calling you a day or so before your appointment to make sure that you are COVID symptom free and ready to proceed with your appointment.

Our COVID-19 policy can be found here.

Rest assured though, that whilst the clinic may look a little different, the quality of care, dedication of our practitioners and the spirit and values which underpin Helix House remain unchanged.

We look forward to helping you in person once again, and we’re very excited to be back.

Best wishes and love to you all from the whole team at Helix House.

A New Member of the Team

We’d also love to introduce our newest member of the team at Helix House, Finn Thomas.  Finn has been an Osteopath for almost 20 years, and has particular interests in pregnancy, paediatrics, trauma and complex problems.  We're very excited to have him join us, and you can read more about Finn here.

Yan-Chee Yu, Clive and Kerstin Lindley-Jones: The Old Guard and the New.

All change at Helix House, so that we can stay the same and keep on providing you with the best quality care!

While nothing stays the same in life for long, change is coming to Helix House, but never fear, all that you appreciate that is special and unique, in the care we all give to our patients and clients will not change.

In 2019, we were happy that our colleague, experienced Osteopath Yan-Chee Yu, agreed to be our third Director with a view to fully taking over Helix House after June 2021. This has naturally instigated a range of behind the scenes improvements and updates that would have needed to be undertaken soon anyway.

When Kerstin and I set up Helix House decades ago, our mission was to make a difference in the lives we were privileged to touch, have fun, and always be our best. We hope that in trusting us with your care in a wide variety of ways, we have fulfilled that mission.

Along with Yan taking up his role as Director we would like to introduce you to our newest face at Helix House, Jen Mills.  Jen is a qualified Osteopath and Yoga teacher, with a Masters from the London School of Osteopathy.  Since graduation from Osteopathic college, Jen has taken a keen interest in women’s health as she strongly believes in the important role Osteopathy can play in improving the structure – and therefore function – of the gynaecological system through all stages of life. You can read more about Jen here.

Persistent pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population in the UK.  Low back pain and depression are two of the most common causes of disability in the UK.  At Helix House we have decades of experience in helping you support the optimal environment for health.  Osteopaths seek to enhance the body’s own inherent healing mechanism, which may be undermined by pain or dysfunction, and in doing so, facilitate natural healing and wellbeing.  This applies in our different, special ways to all our practitioners at Helix House, whether we are Psychotherapists, Acupuncturists or specialists in Traditional Chinese Injury Rehabilitation.

All practitioners at Helix House have undergone rigorous, Masters-level training in their speciality and are highly trained healthcare professionals who, within their field, can diagnose, treat, and support you across a range of health issues.  We look forward to seeing if we can help you through a wide variety of health and wellness challenges.

Clive Lindley-Jones B.Ed. (Hons), D.O., D.I.B.A.K. 

Yan-Chee Yu M.Ost, M.A. (Cantab)

Directors, Helix House Natural Health

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Warning Signs of Health
Who can Benefit
Clive’s Unique Approach
Integrated Medicine
Our Philoshopy
Warning Signs of Health

An increased awareness and appreciation of yourself
A tendency to set aside a time each day to relax and meditate
A persistent ability to maintain close relationships
A tendency to adapt to changing conditions
A chronic appetite for physical activity
Acute and chronic attacks of laughter
A compulsion to take pleasure and fun
Repeated bouts of hope and optimism

Who can Benefit


Clive’s Unique Approach

Clive Lindley-Jones is a leading Integrated Health Practitioner, offering you some of the most advanced and effective health treatments for a range of conditions. People travel across Britain and Europe to experience Clive's rare and extraordinary talents. In many cases he is able to help with issues that have been unresolved using other health treatments.

But what makes Clive unique is that he is so much more than purely an Osteopath. He has an unrelenting commitment to be at the leading edge of health care, to ensure that you and his patients have access to the 'best of the best'. 

Integrated Medicine

The integrative approach also refers to the infusion of a person's personality and needs - integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects.

Tailoring the treatment to the client and not the client to the treatment.

Our Philoshopy

Helix House is a small, friendly community based health centre, where you can expect the highest quality natural healthcare and warmest welcome. Therapies include osteopathy, applied kinesiology, cranio-sacral therapy, Sunflower Method, counselling, astrological psychology, supervision, life coaching, acupuncture, cupping, massage and herbal remedies.

If you like what you see here on our website and wish to access more direct help, please do get in contact with us.

If you are still not sure if we have what you are after, use the link below to contact us directly or give us a call on 01865 243351

If I think we can or cannot help you, I will tell you and explain what action needs to be taken.

It couldn’t be simpler!

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I have known Clive for over ten years, and in that time he has been the only person that I have ever
known who can not only put every ache and pain right, but can also stop problems before they
start. I have referred no end of friends as colleagues to Clive and every single person has been
astounded at his abilities.


Clive has managed to get to the roots of lots of long term neck and back pain.

He is fantastic at explaining what he is discovering during treatments.

I wish I had been treated by Clive 15 years ago!

Thank you.


I highly recommend Fia as a therapist.

She is caring while also challenging where appropriate. is is also a great room for counselling; quiet and very pleasant.

I have made a lot of progress in life since I have been seeing Fia.