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December 2018 – What should we eat now?

As October’s autumn fruitfulness is lost in November rains, December days get shorter and we start to look towards a midwinter feast to stave off the gloom. December is not only the lead up to Christmas, but these days it is also when thousands gather for two weeks at the United Nations Climate Change conference,…

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Changing our lives: Whose responsibility is our health? June 2014

Changing our lives: Whose responsibility is our health? “The treatment of a disease represents an admission of failure. Prevention is the goal of medical research and clinical practice.” Professor Peter Elwood, Cochrane Institute, Cardiff University, Apologies to those loyal readers, who read and comment on my occasional health related blogs. I am a couple of …

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July Blog: Dementia

July Blog This month I want to think with you about the important and disturbing subject of dementia. But don’t think it is all doom and gloom, because there is encouraging evidence that we may be able to start preventative action now to reduce the risk of this miserable condition. Back in the day, (now…

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