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December 2018 – What should we eat now?

As October’s autumn fruitfulness is lost in November rains, December days get shorter and we start to look towards a midwinter feast to stave off the gloom. December is not only the lead up to Christmas, but these days it is also when thousands gather for two weeks at the United Nations Climate Change conference,…

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October Blog 2011

Don’t eat anything with a mother or a face! Want to avoid the No1 killer in the western world? Bill Clinton did. But not until he had had one  heart attack and a stent put in to hold his coronary artery open against the build up of gloop. Getting that close to the end, can…

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Less exercise, more food?

As is the case in the United States, we in Western Europe are also observing an increasing trend toward less exercise and more unhealthy food. This behaviour is leading more and more often to such conditions as: * Hypertension * Diabetes type 2 * Obesity * Hypercholesterolemia * Dyslipidaemia * The combination of all of…

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