Heart Function

November 2018: How long are you planning to live?

How long are you planning to live? You probably know the old joke from the financial advisor when asked about his clients funds he said, “All I need to give you an accurate assurance about the suitability of your pension pot is one figure, when are you planning to die?” The good news is that,…

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May 2018: The ‘String test’ and Friends

In our last blog we talked about waist circumference and its role in your health and longevity. An even simpler ‘string test’ exists to assess your visceral fat. Just get a piece of string about as long as you, then stand on one end and hold the other at the top of your head. Now…

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March Blog 2012

The Way we see the world This month I have been inspired by  David Hockney’s brilliant, colour soaked,  life affirming exhibition at the Royal Academy. Hockney is a great master of seeing, and much of his present enormous recent output at the Royal Academy is a lesson in the art of seeing. This month how…

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