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September Blog

What is my motivation? This is often a refrain when actors are trying to get under the skin of their character in working up a part, but it is also a useful question that we can ask ourselves in life. This month I want to remind you to look again at what and how you…

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July/August 2011

The New World As some of you know, earlier this summer Kerstin and I took a month off to go and visit the many family and friends we have in the United States.  We had a wonderful journey travelling, mostly by train, across large swaths of the country and reconnected with many people we love.…

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November Blog 2010

Losing sleep speeds up the ageing process In a recent US study, researchers found that just one week of sleep deprivation altered subjects’ hormone levels and their capacity to metabolise carbohydrates. During sleep deprivation, the blood sugar levels of the men who participated in the study took 40 per cent longer to drop following a…

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