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November 2018: How long are you planning to live?

How long are you planning to live? You probably know the old joke from the financial advisor when asked about his clients funds he said, “All I need to give you an accurate assurance about the suitability of your pension pot is one figure, when are you planning to die?” The good news is that,…

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July Blog 2010

There is never a perfect time to be young – luckily, children are enormously adaptable.  But while it is undoubtedly a much richer society today than the austere post-war world that I was born into, it is also a much more complex and in some ways, more demanding one. For years, it was no time…

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Food Inc. review

Imagine what if it  would be a national policy that the idea would be that we had such nutrition dense food that people actually felt better, had more energy and weren’t sick as much – now that’s a noble goal! –Gary Hirschberg, Stonyfield Farms, Food Inc. Last week, in our February E-Coaching, I stuck my…

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