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December 2018 – What should we eat now?

As October’s autumn fruitfulness is lost in November rains, December days get shorter and we start to look towards a midwinter feast to stave off the gloom. December is not only the lead up to Christmas, but these days it is also when thousands gather for two weeks at the United Nations Climate Change conference,…

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The science of healthy living?

The other day, my eye was caught by a banner headline on the American news magazine, Newsweek, that announced articles on “The Science of Healthy Living”. Well if you have been following any of these online coaching sessions, you will know I could not resist this and so I duly purchased my copy. Sadly, it…

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Food Inc. review

Imagine what if it  would be a national policy that the idea would be that we had such nutrition dense food that people actually felt better, had more energy and weren’t sick as much – now that’s a noble goal! –Gary Hirschberg, Stonyfield Farms, Food Inc. Last week, in our February E-Coaching, I stuck my…

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