Susan Farwell, Osteopath BSc

Susan Farwell has recently moved to Oxford and is delighted to join the Helix House team. Susan is a very experienced osteopath who mostly uses the Cranial Osteopathic approach. She ran her own osteopathic practice in West London for 25 years, before moving to Exeter with her historian husband for 3 years. A history post at Oxford University now brings them both to Oxford, where they plan to stay.

Susan has a speciality of working with musicians. After training for 4 years at the British School of Osteopathy, in central London, Susan’s first osteopathic post was with the European Community Youth Orchestra, back in 1981. She has worked with musicians ever since, combining knowledge of the Alexander Principle, familiarity with the strains produced by individual instruments; she uses osteopathic concepts to find a pain-free way of playing and performing.

Susan works with people of all ages, including babies. Her particular interest is in dealing with long-standing, deeply buried physical strain patterns which can interfere with health, comfort and well-being. This osteopathic approach is gentle and cannot be hurried, so Susan spends almost an hour with patients, to ensure the treatment is as effective as possible. Physical work strains, past injuries and accidents, no matter how long ago, can then be efficiently identified and dealt with.


More details can be found on Susan's website: