Charlie's Story

It was obvious to me as a mum that Charlie was having unusual learning difficulties from the moment he started school. He was reluctant to attend school; he often got tired to the extent that his body seized up completely; he made labour of reading, and his writing was illegible. It took four and a half years for the authorities to diagnose him as dislexic. Eventually it was proved by an independent test. He started "special English" lessons, but these were of little value as they made him feel conspicuous. He was teased, bullied, labelled "thick", and his eroding self-confidence soon stopped him performing on the sporting field. School was a REAL CHORE.

At age 14, after changing school several times, I realised GCSEs were approaching and I had to do something quickly if he was to achieve anything at all. I took him for an interview with Clive Lindley-Jones, not really knowing if the Sunflower Trust was the answer, but feeling desperate. Charlie is now 16 and has completed his school education. The Sunflower therapies have taught him to cope with his inabilities; his muscles now function properly so that he is rarely fatigued and he enjoys his natural energy. He believed in himself enough to gain an A, 6 Bs and a C at GCSE level, instead of the predicted Cs and Ds. He gained a place in the first school hockey, cricket and tennis teams and ran successfully in cross country teams. He is altogether a boy who is now ABLE to achieve.

The Sunflower Trust gave him the tools to move from a constantly struggling existence to an achieving existence. I can never be more thankful that I placed my faith in the Sunflower Trust.

- Parent

Samuels Story

"As you know Samuel has struggled for many years with learning difficulties/dyslexia.   Samuel came to see you with The Sunflower Trust, and as we said before the difference in 1 year was amazing.

We wanted to let you know that Samuel was predicted to achieve a level 3 on all of his Yr 6 SATS this year.   We are so pleased to tell you that Samuel came away with level 4 in all of his English exams, level 4 in his Maths exam, and a level 5 in his SPAG exam.  So he actually left school exactly where he should be and above 🙂  We never realised how important it was to Sam to get these grades, but he is over the moon.  We always told Sam we didn't care what he gets as long as he tries his best.  So we were so pleased to see Samuel obtained straight A's in effort in every subject in his end of school report.

As you can imagine we are so so proud of Samuel.  We keep having to tell him that he should be so proud of himself for what he has achieved, which is above and beyond what he ever thought he would.  One of the first things Samuel actually said to us was that he didn't think he could have done it without your help Clive, and we totally agree with this.

We will always be grateful to you for everything you have done for Samuel.  Not only did you help him academically, but his confidence now is right up there."

Sharon and Martin Holbroke, December 2014

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for Samuel.  He really has done so well at school, and when we look at where he was a year ago the difference is quite staggering.

His confidence with his ability to learn, read and write has increased two-fold. He still doesn't enjoy doing homework but it is not the battle we used to have to get him to even sit down to look at it.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your time and patience, and amazing work you have done with Sam. We will continue to recommend your practice and also the Sunflower Trust to others."

Sharon and Martin Holbrooke, April 2013

Harry's Story

"We just got his half term report and we're so pleased. He's come top in 3 subjects and doing very well in his others. Concentration is obviously improving hugely. His spelling is brilliant - he got 96% in his English spelling exam last term. Tables continue to be difficult as is extraction and use of them. But we live in hope that one day we'll crack 6 x 4, 7 x 4 and 8 x 7.

But the thing that David and I are most pleased about is his level of self-confidence. It's getting better and better and so too by extension is his self-esteem which was pretty bad last year. For me seeing him grow personally has been the best, most positive change in him.

Thank you so much for the key role you had in helping him to achieve this. It's been a terrific year for Harry and when I consider where he started from - virtually unable to write and thinking that he would never achieve the level his peers were at - the change has been tremendous."

- Parent

Heather's Story

Our daughter, Heather, was six years old. She had been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Receptive Aphasia, Cognitive Disorder and severe speech and language delay. We were told by an Educational Psychologist to ‘put her in a special school and forget about her’, and concentrate on her older sister. OUCH! Her attention span could be counted in seconds rather than minutes; she was hyperactive, had virtually no eye contact and only her close family could understand her poor speech. She was isolated, withdrawn and fearful of any new person, environment or experience. She also had digestive problems, which aggravated her behaviour. Going on a simple shopping trip or a short holiday were virtually impossible, as her behaviour made them extremely stressful. We were desperate to help her, and us, as our lives were almost intolerable. Then we found Clive Lindley-Jones.

The first consultation consisted largely of Heather marauding around the room in her usual uncontrollable manner, refusing to cooperate with even basic requests, and talking her own special brand of gibberish - whilst Clive tried to establish her medical background. It was a very stressful hour. Clive was not sure if he could help, but was willing to try. So were we.

After a one-hour break we embarked on our second session. Heather was feeling a little more at home and agreed to lie on the couch, but only on top of Mum. Amazingly, she allowed Clive to touch her. He proceeded to assess her cranium, spine and pelvis. Lots of things were ‘in the wrong place’. Clive manipulated her head, neck, spine and pelvis. She gradually began to look and feel more relaxed. Her eyes looked clearer and her face looked less stressed and happier. The journey home was quiet and calm, a novel experience for us.

A few days later Heather touched her forehead and the back of her neck and declared ‘the hurt is gone’. We did not know she had had ‘a hurt’ as she had never told us, but we did know she was calmer, sleeping better and speaking more clearly since her treatment. Her teachers had also noticed improvements in her attention span, level of cooperation and eye contact. This was after just one session. We decided to carry on and see where it might lead.

On subsequent visits Clive worked on her using osteopathy – which was still administered whilst lying on Mum. He also started treating her with homeopathy. Heather was unable to cooperate with him directly so Mum was used as a surrogate – a new approach, which was a learning curve for us all, but produced the desired results in finding the right treatments for Heather. She continued to improve over the ensuing months. It has been a long and bumpy road at times, but we have never doubted that the treatments were hugely beneficial to Heather, and therefore the rest of the family too. Today we have a very different daughter.

Heather is now 12 years old. She is physically very robust and well. Although still Statemented she is in a mainstream school, which she loves, and has been elected class vice captain. She is popular, friendly and outgoing, loves new experiences and learning new skills. She has been on a residential outward-bound course, where she tried abseiling, canoeing, gorge walking and orienteering. She has also been on a 4-day school trip to France. Her speech is clear and her reading has improved enormously. Family holidays are great now; she is very enthusiastic about travelling and is the first to whip out the suitcases and pack.

We still see Clive about 4 times a year, to keep Heather balanced. She tells us when she needs to see him. What does she think of him? She speaks as she finds and says, quite simply, ‘Clive has magic hands. He takes the hurt away and makes me feel better’.

- Philip & Chareline Gibbs, October 2004

James' Story

I promised to let you know how James got on in his exams. His improvement has been remarkable. He came top in his year group in both Maths (96%) and Geography (92%), then French 86% Religious studies 83%, History 77% and Science 69% in all cases he came near the top. His English teacher is on paternity leave and so we still await the results. I don't say that the Sunflower therapy magically made him cleverer; he worked like a demon to get these results. But I do believe that the therapy enabled him to build up both his confidence and concentration to be able to achieve this.

James has always been quite mathematical, but his exam results have always been quite low as he struggled to keep up the pace, he found it extremely difficult to finish the paper leaving him with results around 68% (Christmas). A couple of months ago when we were at Clive Lindley -Jones' (Our Sunflower Therapist) Clive asked him to write on one side of a plank of wood what he really wanted to achieve in the future and on the other side, whom he wanted to do it for. Clive then asked Freddie to really think about it and when he was ready to punch through the plank. It broke on first impact. I still have that plank of wood.

On one side it said 'Get faster at my Maths and on the other side it said 'Dad'

We really feel we have our James back he has never been so happy!

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