Whole Person Medicine

June Blog 2012

 This Month let me introduce our Guest Blogger…  Silvie is one of the talented professionals we have working here at Helix House offering her special brand of healing. I am happy to introduce her to you through the Health-e Coaching monthly blog and recommend her skills to you. Silvie has spent the last ten years…

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June Blog 2011

This month I am very happy to introduce some of you to Andy Roscoe as guess Blogger. To other of you, Andy will be no stranger as he has been a long standing member of the Helix House team. He has some important points to make about the way in which we are allowing the…

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April Blog 2011

Dear Friends, We live in interesting times. No sooner has the new elbowed out the old…. then we look back with regret at the unintended consequences and try to salvage some of that loss in our otherwise headlong surge towards the new. Perhaps, just as the twentieth century was an unprecedented explosion of technological change…

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