March 2014 Sunflower , Speedwell Trust Talk

  The Speedwell Trust Talk  At Greens Templeton College, Woodstock road, Oxford. Wednesday March 19th at 7.30 p.m. Clive Lindley-Jones will be giving an illustrated talk on   Helping Children Be The Best That They Can Be! Do come along!   Balanced, integrated and healthy children will naturally perform better, feel happier, achieve more, mix…

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July Blog 2012

  What does a pensioner look like in 2012?  As the 2012 London Olympics finally arrive it is time to mention my own attempt to change my shape, get healthier and fitter and even, hopefully raise some money for my favourite two charities. The Sunflower Trust and F.R.O.M.E. the Fund for Osteopathic Research into Myalgic…

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October Blog 2010

Yes, that is about what is holding you up, and of course they are all controlled by the nervous system and attach on to 200 bones and, along with plenty of fancy feedback mechanisms, this makes up what we, in osteopathy, call ‘The Primary Machinery of Life’. All that great stuff that gets your from…

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