Medical Research

Why Women should do weights: August 2016

A summer of change A lot of changes are afoot  both at Helix House and in public health advice recently. Most notably this July with new governmental advice for us to take extra vitamin D as a supplement. Vitamin D supplementation For most people, the bulk of their vitamin D is made from the action…

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Clive Goes East…Again! July 2015

Long-term readers of these occasional blogs will know that early  in 2013 I was in Korea examining and Lecturing to an impressive group of doctors keen on my specialist subject of Professional Applied Kinesiology. So when they volunteered to host the 2015 international conference I was happy to return and work in Seoul for another…

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Sexual Research Pioneers and a new face in the Practice

This month I want to discuss the role of medical visionaries, most notably the portrait of two such, the famous human sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson, as portrayed in the excellent American television series ‘Masters of Sex’. I also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank acupuncturist Andy Roscoe for his many years of…

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