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From bus conductors to the modern Gym: Exercise who needs it?

As a young sociologist, in an earlier incarnation, I remember reading about Jerry Morris’ original 1949 study into levels of heart disease amongst London bus drivers and conductors. This was in the days when these were two separate jobs, one requiring constant sitting and the other a lot of standing and running up and down…

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Ten biomarkers of aging

Research at Tufts University in Boston at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Centre and outlined in their book Biomarkers by Dr.s Evans and Rosenberg found that there were ten key biomarkers all of which could be affected positively with greater physical fitness, particularly better muscle to fat ratio that comes with strength training. These were:…

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April Blog 2010

Last month I chose to focus on why we should bother with Exercise and drew your attention to more ideas and support on this on our website were I list  some of the 30+ reasons why is so essential, if we want to have optimal health and full functioning of our bodies for the maximum…

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