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Food Inc. review

Imagine what if it ¬†would be a national policy that the idea would be that we had such nutrition dense food that people actually felt better, had more energy and weren’t sick as much – now that’s a noble goal! –Gary Hirschberg, Stonyfield Farms, Food Inc. Last week, in our February E-Coaching, I stuck my…

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Food, Inc.

Looks at America’s corporate food sourcing. I am going to stick my neck out on this one as, so far, this documentary has not been screened in the UK and, therefore, I have not yet seen it. However, it comes with such glowing reviews as a powerful, measured, factual account of what has happened to…

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February Blog 2010

Last month, we started our Feast or Famine season looking at how we eat and move and how this is starting to make so many of us sick and die before our time. This is a great paradox, for it is only recently that most people in the developed world have had enough to eat,…

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