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Food is better medicine than drugs

To start us off this year what better book than Food is Better Medicine than Drugs by Patrick Holford & Jerome Burne. I have known Patrick for many years and he is a great populariser of powerful, science based information that is often not otherwise widely disseminated. He and ¬†award winning medical journalist, Jerome Burne,…

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Feast or famine?

It often happens that after the feasting of Christmas comes the fasting of January. This is no bad thing if it is done naturally and as part of the rhythms of life. In traditional cultures, this was ordained by the landmarks laid down by tradition through the year. In many Catholic countries of Europe, for…

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Happy New Year

With a New Year and decade many of us come over all resolute and with a firmness of mind or purpose make a decision to do something different this year than last. After the feasting of Christmas we set out, in the cold light of the New Year, to steer our life on a new…

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