Welcome to Helix House!

My name is Clive Lindley-Jones.

As all thinking clinicians do after many years in practice, I have developed  my own unique approach to helping my patients.

At Helix House I am privileged to lead a dedicated group of professionals who, in their different ways, all share my passion for Integrated Medicine or whole-person medicine. And it is this, amongst other things, which makes Helix House a special place to come.

When my wife Kerstin Lindley-Jones and I set up Helix House over two decades ago our mission was to change lives, have fun, making a difference in the lives we were privileged to touch and always be our best.

Clive Lindley-Jones B.Ed. (Hons) D.O. D.I.B.A.K
Director, Helix House

The 10 Warning signs of Health

  1. An increased awareness and appreciation of yourself

  2. A tendency to set aside a time each day to relax and meditate

  3. A persistent ability to maintain close relationships

  4. A tendency to adapt to changing conditions

  5. A chronic appetite for physical activity

  6. Acute and chronic attacks of laughter

  7. A compulsion to take pleasure and fun

  8. Repeated bouts of hope and optimism

  9. A chronic condition of caring for your body

  10. Recurrent rejection of worry


Six or more of these symptoms and you may be at risk of excellent health!

Who can benefit from Helix House?

It is possible that...

You are going through a life transition, find it hard to choose a career, have difficulties in a relationship, suffer from learning difficulties, struggle with sports injuries, are over weight, are plagued by insomnia...

And of course it could be that...

You are pregnant and would like help to have a joyful, natural pregnancy and childbirth, and would like to help your baby be colic free and healthy.

It might also be that...

You would benefit from nutritional and dietary help, as well as guidance on exercise and general well being.

You might want help to unscramble those irritable bowel problems.

You might want to take your life a step further and have a personal coach help you reach increased self-awareness and a more balanced life.

What will we do for you?

We will assess what your needs are and how we are going to help you. We will set up a treatment plan and monitor how you are progressing. And then we will, together with you, apply all our resources to help you move forwards to a healthy, happy, fulfilled life. At all times our approach is safe, professional, honest and respectful. If we think we are not the best people to help you, we will do all we can to find the right professional who can.

What don't we do?

We don't promise what we can't deliver. We do not perform miracles although at times it seems like we do. We don't tell you what to do, we give you the choices and help you decide.

What do you need to do to make the best use of what we can offer?

You need to commit to taking action and choose to turn your life around. And you need to agree to some basic ground rules that, experience has shown us, make the goal of helping as many people as possible easier. That's all!!

How will you know if it's working?

You will experience results. The quality of your life will be enhanced. You will find that you are healthier and happier, both in your body and in your feelings. Life will feel better.


We endeavour to treat the "whole" body mind & spirit

The more balanced we become, the more healthy, positive, open, loving, creative and grateful we become. We are then more able to achieve and perform better, more able to fulfil our potential, and in turn more able to play our part in supporting the "whole" in helping to make the world a healthier and more caring place!

We are also respectful of the rights and freedom of each individual. A well-balanced mind and body stimulates personal dignity and self-esteem, which power social awareness and the demand for human equality.

We welcome people of all ages, from all walks of life, religions and races.  

Integrated Medicine

Nobody has all the ‘answers’. What we do have at Helix House are a wonderfully powerful set of ‘questions’ embedded in the many profound diagnostic and therapeutic approaches from Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Osteopathy, or several psychotherapeutic approaches to personal growth. These well tested approaches, often combined intelligently together, give meaning to terms such as, whole person or Integrated Medicine.

Such an approach aims to couples the latest scientific advances with the most profound insights of ancient healing systems, giving you the best ways to preserve health, increase longevity and speed recovery from illness. What is, sadly, still somewhat of a revolutionary approach to healing people, is not just treating diseases but using the unique tool called person-centered diagnosis. We recognise that the outcome of all health care is strongly dependent upon five powerful influences in the lives of each person.  

The five pillars of healing are:

  1. Relationships. Perhaps the most vital, because of its far reaching effects on our mental and physical health, is the relationships we had with our parents and we now have with loved ones, family, friends, and community: our social support network.

  2. Diet & Life Style. Nutrition, habits, and the daily pattern of rest and exercise.

  3. A healthy environment. Protection from chemical and biological toxins.

  4. Detoxification. The body’s ability to self-purify and protect itself from internal toxicity.

  5. Biomechanical Integrity. The health and integrity of the body framework; the neuromuscular skeletal system and its relationship with all other parts of our mind and body.

Clive's unique approach to treament

For almost thirty years I have worked intensively with people who pose diagnostic dilemmas or are considered to be treatment failures. Sometimes they have seen numerous medical specialists and many have consulted a variety of alternative health practitioners.

The key things that stand out as a common theme are the aspects of the patient's lives which had previously either been ignored or inadequately unraveled. These are:  


Most people have little grasp of the importance of the biomechanical in their health or well being, only considering it, if at all, when struck down with something like acute lower back pain. Many years ago I was exposed to the wonders of the Alexander Technique, (see links) which was influential in redirecting my career away from the sociology teaching of the time, to re-training as an Osteopath.

Osteopathy and the wonderful insights gained from Applied Kinesiology are able to give me far greater insight into the ways in which the body can fail to work to its fullest extent and, in so failing, can cause pain and suffering. However, often such dysfunction is not immediately obvious to those untrained in such subtle diagnostic approaches.

Osteopathy’s basic principle is that abnormal musculoskeletal function, so called somatic dysfunction, may in itself be a source of symptoms quite independently of any structural pathology. Yet dysfunction of somatic structures in the absence of anatomical changes such as inflammation, degeneration or traumatic damage is not thought, by many doctors, to be likely, let alone an important, source of pain and disability. This is one of the reasons such problems too often get over looked by G.P’s and remain untreated for long periods.

As an osteopath trained in the advanced approach of Applied Kinesiology I am privileges to have added advantages. This is a diagnostic approach which, in skilled hands, can be such a magnificent tool to uncover numerous biomechanical, environmental and even, at times, emotional causes of ill health. While not necessarily distinct diseases, these common functional disorders never-the-less cause untold misery and suffering to millions, who are often left taking vast amount of suppressive medicine that, at best, mask the symptoms.


Ever since being a teenager struggling to understand why school food was so disgusting and of seemingly poor nutritious value, (no chips, less fat and sugar but boiled dry and tasteless in those far off 1950’s-‘60’s!) I have had an interest in the central role of good food in Health and disease.

Science has moved on a lot over the intervening decades and, while a lot it yet to be learnt, we know much, much more from observing what the healthiest people round the world eat, or used to eat, before they too succumbed to our own western food disasters.

The explosion of research is beginning to uncover the science behind traditional food wisdom and how and why super foods, such as many fruits and vegetables, act to protect us from just the kind of diseases we now find are such a scourge today. 


Very often over-looked is the importance of the inner environment, the microbial ecology of the intestinal tract, in supporting or undermining health. Partly as a result of our high sugar, antibiotic burdened food, far more of us, than is generally realized, are plagued by fungal and parasitic burdens that upset the delicate balance of our vital internal ecosystem.

Hardly a week goes by at Helix House without someone needed help to sort out their digestive system. Too often the painful, embarrassing and disruptive disturbances in this area, if diagnosed at all, are most often lumped together, and rather left, under the portmanteau title, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Often we find that such problems can be greatly helped, or completely resolved, by rebalancing the internal ecosystem of the gut. Such dysbiosis, due to its tendency to make the gut more permeable to food proteins, is often the precursor of the drastic rise in allergies and food intolerances and other debilitating, but difficult to diagnose symptoms, which plague the lives of many today.

Support to organs such as the liver to aid in detoxification of the gut, a change of diet, herbs, nutrition, probiotics and complex homeopathic desensitization can often address many of these chronic problems, quickly, safely and permanently.  

The life of the Emotions: Interpersonal & Intrapersonal 

Even though they take up so much of our bodies resources, life is not run just be our digestion and our biomechanics. What drive all behaviour are our emotions. Seeing this in myself and others has always fascinated me. This took me, over more than thirty years, plus previous early studies in social science, to study and train, all round the world, with some of the leading experts in personal change work. This has led me to do extensive training in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches particularly, Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching. Learning and working with myself and others on how we communicate effectively, first with ourselves, intrapersonal, then with others, interpersonal, has been a never-ending life long fascination and journey.

Integrative Medicine

So how can you put all this together? One way to look at things is to see it like a triangle of health or three legged stool where balance depends on each leg, structural, biochemical and emotional/spiritual supporting the whole.

The shear weight of ever-expanding knowledge means that one individual can never possibly manage to master a fraction of the available knowledge, which inevitably leads to specialization. This has many advantages and yet there remains an important place for general practice where the focus is the whole person. I have every respect for the particular skills of the National Health Service G.P. Because of its allopathic hospital roots, it is normally primarily built around drugs, surgery and immunisation, with great pressure on the clinicians. This can lead to little time to listen or uncover fundamental causes. What I find has evolved in my own work is a general practice based around optimum health, focused on the body structure, naturopathic interventions in functional health problems and state of the art psychological coaching models for assisting people to become the best they can be.

All this in part explains the way I like to work. To get some feel of the diversity of presenting symptoms that I see click here. It may be that what you are seeking help with is not here. This however is just a random sample of a consecutive hundred patients seen by me. It also only shows one symptom per person.

What is more common is that someone comes with a collection of problems such as Headache, brain-fog, fatigue , an inability to get ride of a cough, pain in the shoulder and confusion about where they are going in life. My job is to make sense of this and come up with a treatment plan that is based on their needs and individual situation.

In such a case I might start with an assessment of their shoulder. It could take me to look at their liver, one of the shoulder muscles can, at times, weaken when the liver is poorly functioning. One of the liver’s jobs is to detoxify the body. If this ability to detoxify is stressed, it might lead me to look at their digestive system and their nervous system, (often if the gut is not functioning well it can over-load the detoxification pathways of the liver and toxins are not cleared from the body but start to recirculate throughout the body and are stored in the fat tissue). The brain is 60% fat, dry weight, so often the nervous system suffers from the toxins that are not being excreted from the body. Our task is the balance all aspects of the patient to that their body can start to function again free of the underlying causes of these symptoms.

A typical example of the unified way I work is with my work with children with learning difficulties through the sunflower therapy.

What we find here is that a health, balanced child whose body is well tuned so that their subtle biomechanical balance is aligned, who is free from over burdening toxins from food additives and sub optimal nutritional input and who has had a chance to clear disempowering habitual patterns of thought and belief about themselves and their abilities, will then blossom and flower at home and school in a way that they never did before. There is really no reason why the rest of us cannot gain from something of this approach too.

It is hard to put into words the complexity and diversity of such modern approaches. If you have read this far, have something that you want help with and have not found a satisfactory resolution for so far, then perhaps this approach may hold some hope for you, where before, your symptoms have remained stubbornly resistant to other methods. If we can help you, we would be happy to hear from you.

Welcome to Helix House!
Warning signs of Health
Who can benefit?
Our Philosophy
Integrated Medicine
Clive's unique approach

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Applied Kinesiology in helping children with learning difficulties

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